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Acne-Ltd III has successfully been marketed internationally since June 1997. When applied topically, Acne-Ltd III improves the appearance of acne prone skin. Acne-Ltd III can be used on skin which has been inflamed by acne pimples, acne cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, rosacea and hormone- related acne such as teenage acne, pregnancy acne or peri-menopausal acne.

Treatment product for rosacea, dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and cellulite

Acne-Ltd III is formulated so that it will not cause blackheads (non-comedogenic). Acne-Ltd III improves the skin tone leaving your skin smoother and healthy-looking. Many acne medications leave the skin dry and irritated, because they cause the surface skin cells to flake or peel off (exfoliate). Acne-Ltd III contains an agent that moisturizes the skin to maintain a proper level of vital water content and the proper pH (acid-alkali balance) for the skin.

One order of Acne-Ltd III lasts up to an entire year!

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Acne-Ltd III Ingredients

The ingredients of Acne-Ltd III are:

The ingredients in Acne-Ltd III are all natural for the body, which leaves the skin intact and soothes the skin allowing for natural healing. And Acne-Ltd III is ideal for the pregnancy or nursing mothers, therefore it is safe for all types of skin surfaces and allowing for the skin to heal naturally.

*All products have a natural pH of 7.0 which is perfect for healing skin.

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