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More About Rosacea:

The successful treatment of rosacea involves many aspects of skin care and total health care. Anything that creates changes in the body or in the facial skin can have an impact rosacea and its treatment. Rosacea is a complex interaction involving several factors and/or conditions. Changing those factors, which contribute to your rosacea, may be the key to controlling or even curing your rosacea. Balancing your 'rosacea triggers', which in the past have influenced your rosacea, will help to control or manage your rosacea.

Treatment of rosacea needs to begin with an understanding of what causes or influences your rosacea flushing. Rosacea sufferers have on average more facial blood vessels than the general population, or they have blood vessels, which are more prominent or severely damaged. Consequently, anything that stimulates facial dilation cannot be handled easily or properly. Dilation, or enlarging of the blood vessels, produces the flushing which rosacea sufferers experience. Understanding what causes the vessels to dilate will you in controlling the factors that aggravate a rosacea flush.

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