Rosacea-Ltd IV

Ocular Rosacea:

Ocular rosacea has persisted for years in many rosacea patients without a good solution. Most Dermatologist even try to solve it and very few Ophthalmologist have a solution either. However, ocular rosacea can easily be brought into normalcy usually within two or three weeks by Rosacea-Ltd IV.

Ocular rosacea is sometimes painful as the eye is red, irritated and teary as the most simple symptoms. Often he eyes burn and are blurry and the eyesight can be affected. Other conditions of iritis, hypopyoniritis, keratitis, conjunctivitis and blepharitis can also affect the ocular rosacea patient. Steroids are really a 'no no' as the eyesight can be affected.

50 to 60% of all rosacea sufferers also have ocular rosacea. Approximately 20 percent of ocular rosacea problems occur prior to the typical skin related rosacea symptoms though it is more normal for the skin symptoms to appear first.

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