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Rosacea Symptoms:

One of the earliest symptoms of rosacea is flushing or facial redness. The flushing factor can be cause of comment and embarrassment for the rosacea sufferer. The redness begins and gradually becomes more persistent with spidery blood vessels becomes progressively noticeable on the nose and cheeks. Trauma from abrasives and peeling agents easily cause more long-lasting redness.

Inflammatory papules (without pus) and pustules (with pus) develop and continue to worsen. Facial pores often become larger and prominent. If there has been any sun exposure/damage over the years, the skin becomes more leathery and more wrinkled. Eventually, the sides of the neck as well as the area down to the center of the chest began to redden and later the ears and area behind the ears also become more red. The facial skin contours gradually become coarse and thickened. A small number of rosacea patients realize they have a more serious presentation of the disease of rosacea with the condition of nose tissue hyperplasia beginning.

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