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Rosacea Treatment:

Many times, it's the cumulative effect of the treatments you've been using to treat your rosacea that may actually be the aggravating source or factor of your current rosacea flare. Improving the skin involves a complete change in your thought processes and your approach to treating and controlling your rosacea. Total skin care and rosacea treatment involves much more than treating the damage that has already occurred. Effective rosacea treatment and skin care also involves preventive rosacea skin care. The use of sunscreens is just one of these preventive skin care measures.

Many rosacea sufferers have been frustrated for many years with unsuccessful or marginal results from rosacea skin care products. Antibiotics, retnoids, Accutane, and steroids have been a mainstay of rosacea treatment for years. Rosacea sufferers often find that these prescribed treatments and various rosacea laser treatments have not worked well in treating rosacea; also these past treatments for rosacea may have caused additional damage to the already sensitive rosacea skin. Oral and topical antibiotic rosacea treatments prescribed for adult acne rosacea can work for up to several months before the bacteria become immune to the antibiotic, causing the antibiotic to lose its effectiveness. Oral antibiotic treatments actually cause more rosacea red symptoms.

Prior to beginning any new rosacea treatment, the rosacea patient needs to allow the skin to heal from the effects of previous treatments or medications, which may have left the skin damaged and overly sensitive. The skin is able to begin to heal itself from the harmful effects of steroids, acids, retinoids, etc. soon after stopping the harmful skin care products. We recommend using only a gentle cleansing bar such as Dove Unscented cleansing bar or Neutrogena for dry, sensitive skin and following the cleansing with Jojoba Oil to soothe, calm and moisturize the skin.

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