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Rosacea Triggers:

Rosacea is a common skin disorder affecting many people world wide. The estimates for the United States alone is that between 13 million and 19 million people are affected with rosacea. Many people are frustrated as the common mediations of antibiotics do not work very well and even when the antibiotics do work for a short time, the short effective period is only on month to two months at the most. Also antibiotics are systemic and affects the entire body whereas only the face is affected with rosacea. Other products for acne are used such as retinoids and Accutane, but usually these drug treatments likewise have serious side effects ranging from skin that is further irritated while treating for acne and the redness of rosacea is worsened. Laser treatments are fairly new during the past 20 years but the red face of rosacea is not solved by adding on more redness from laser treatments. Also some patients are burned temporarily and a very few patients are scarred. The solution for rosacea is to find the root cause of the triggers that most people almost know and stop those triggers that affect the skin. Better nourishment from alkaline foods such as greens, and fruits will offset the acids triggers of coffee, pizza, etc.

And many people also know that heavy exercise needs to be reduced as exercise is a trigger. Likewise long exposure to low humidity and hot or cold weather. Likewise to reduce these triggers as much as possible. It appears that taking away the fun things in life can not be accomplished as 'we have to live'. Yet we can still offset these triggers by building the skin up along with the entire overall body. Yes we all go through 'stress periods' of our life of test at schools, work stress sometimes of a few months, but we have to find rest on the weekends and do 'the opposite to build up our body and the face will heal itself.

The most common triggers include: sun exposure, stress, hot/cold weather, exercise, alcohol, spicy foods, skin-care products/cosmetics, certain foods, medications, hot baths, and smoking.

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